Blue Wave LIfe Martial Arts was founded by Doug Flora and his wife Jane Flora in 2014. We were first established on Delmar Avenue in University City and have since relocated to Brentwood Community Center with the mission to bring traditional Tae Kwon Do training to Mid County St. Louis in an affordable way.

Blue Wave Life teaches a traditional style of Tae Kwon Do known as Chung Do Kwan which translates to the Blue Wave School. Chung Do Kwan traces its roots back to the Chinese martial art known as Tang So Do. (See our history section for more information)

Many people begin their Tae Kwon Do journey looking for a regular fitness class or to learn basic self – defense and find themselves gaining much more.

In our classes students will engage in cardio fitness, strength training and muscle development however, the benefits go far beyond fitness and self – defense.

Many students quickly notice a change in mental focus throughout their lives and have more clarity of thought. Often young students see an improvement in grades and discipline within the home and adults find a growth in their ability to maintain focus and multi-task.

Martial Art training is truly a journey and each student progresses at different rates. Student train year round and individual training is an excellent extra-curricular activity for students and parents to participate in together. We were founded as a family and believe in supporting families both through disciplined training and discounted family rates.

Please come and try a free two week trial at our Tuesday and Thursday evening classes located at the Brentwood Community Center at 5:15pm!