Some of our friends

These are other schools that share a common lineage with us.  Check them out for more details!

Blue Wave Martial Arts and Fitness
Blue Wave is where four of our Blue Wave Life instructors started and continue their journey in the martial arts.  Master David Blevins provides top-notch instruction in tae kwon do as well as fitness and personal training programs.
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Blue Wave Forever
Started as "St. Joseph Taekwondo" in 2000 by John Mee, this Taekwondo school has since grown with students of all ages. We train every Tuesday and Thursday at 4:30pm in the school building of St. Joseph Church.
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Lyndell Institute
Lyndell Institute is a family-friendly martial arts and fitness center, emphasizing self-confidence, discipline, perseverance, and motivation for health and success in school, sports, and life. They provide a fun, positive social and support network.
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Blue Wave - Edwardsville
Blue Wave's purpose is to help clients grow through the use of fitness and martial arts training in such a way that they can achieve happiness in their life, and equip them with the tools to enable them to reach their full potential.
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