Kennedy Scout Fitzgibbon

Miss Kennedy began her martial arts journey with Chung Do Kwan style TKD under Master David Blevins teaching at age 15. She did a bit of another style of Tae Kwon Do with her family previously in Oklahoma City, and wanted to begin again after moving to St Louis. She eventually got all of her family to join in again! Kennedy earned her black belt in May of 2014 and began assisting with Master Blevins kids classes around that time! While working under Master Blevins, Kennedy taught Boot Camp & Cardio Kickboxing Fitness classes. She also started & taught a preschool TKD program at Master Blevins school - from which some students are still training today! 

Kennedy is now a second degree black belt and is teaching at Blue Wave Life on Thursdays! She also teaches the preschool program TKD Tigers at Blue Wave Life!