Doug Flora (In Memoriam)

Doug Flora was absolutely instrumental in the creation of Blue Wave Life.  His enthusiasm for Tae Kwon Do training (and life in general) was infectious and Doug was one of the world's best ambassadors for the art.  Doug passed away on October 1, 2017 at the age of 59.  

Below is the profile he wrote for Blue Wave Life.  You can read more about Doug's impact on his Tae Kwon Do family at

I started training Chung Do Kwan style Tae Kwon Do in January 1999 under Master David L. Blevins, but it is fair to say I started "learning" CDK TKD in 1995 when our son started training and I spent many hours observing many classes, tournaments, and TKD related activities.

I received my Cho Dan Black Belt from Great Grand Master Yong Taek (Paul) Chung in Kansas City, MO in October 2004. Shortly after I began teaching CDK TKD outside the main school. I've taught in many venues, community clubs, schools, churches, area parks, our yard and in our St. Louis area CDK branch locations. Last year, in addition to our branch school Crossroads Blue Wave --- Wentzville, I founded our store front location in University City, MO, where I've realized a very special dream of teaching and training with three generations of my own family CDK TKD.

I love teaching and training, it makes me happy and brings me great joy and gratification. I personally approach it as my ministry and see many spiritual parallels. I'm drawn to the fairness and honesty of CDK TKD. Everyone meets the same training goals to advance and advancement comes with the promise of more hard work and challenges.

I'm a 3rd Degree Sam Dan Black Belt now and can say, I've learned a lot not only from teaching students, but from the students as well, and it has amplified my advanced Black Belt training with Master Blevins. I encourage anyone (and especially families as mine has) to come experience CDK TKD and discover what it holds for you.